Araldite gets a handle on repairs around the office

This office furniture has a broken handle.












Impact damage has caused the holding screws to shear and the wood to splinter.






We remove the door from the cabinet.








And use Araldite(R) Standard to deliver a really strong repair to withstand frequent opening and closing of the door.








The Araldite pack is a really smart kit of parts.  Push out the blue replacement cap.








Snap off the handy mixer/applicator.








And break off the white seal to release resin and hardener from the twin cartridges.








After use simply reseal for perfect storage using the blue cap.








The pack dispensed equal amounts of the two-part Araldite(R) Standard adhesive with a single action.








We mixed the Araldite(R) Standard adhesive in 30 seconds.








We made sure the surface was clean and dry then applied Araldite(R) Standard with our spatula using the imprint of the handle as our template.








We applied firm pressure.  Araldite(R) Standard gives 90 minutes working time to ensure accurate positioning of the handle.








The next day the unit is back in use.  Araldite(R) Standard gives you handling time in 8 hours, full strength in 14 hours.









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