Taking the mountain to Araldite

All sports boards take a lot of punishment from wind, weather and in use!

This mountain board has developed a surface crack which threatens to develop into something worse.










Araldite Rapid used with fibreglass sheet will fill, seal and repair the fault.  First we clean down the surface using white spirit.












Then remove surface imperfections with abrasive paper.












Araldite Rapid is a tough, durable two-part epoxy - we use equal amounts of resin and hardener to ensure 5 minute working time and 20 minute handling time.












Mixing thoroughly for at least 30 seconds.












Apply the adhesive over the damaged area with the spatula provided in the Araldite Repair pack.












Lay the fibreglass down and further apply adhesive over the top to encapsulate it.


Araldite Rapid achieves full strength in 3 hours and we left the board overnight before sanding the repair to a smooth finish ready for repainting.

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