Seagull Beach Hut Repair


Sid the seagull is temporarily homeless. Looks like storm damage from the recent weather or maybe it's just careless hands that have broken his beach hut, dislodging and splitting the fascia.










With this kit we can easily get him back home






First we used two-part Araldite® Wood Repair to fill and mend the damaged and split wood.








Use a plastic cup or cut off the bottom of an empty plastic bottle to do the mixing.






We used a mixture of 3 parts powder to 4 parts resin for a workable paste.






We left it to harden, then used fine glass paper to get a smooth finish






before applying two coats of emulsion paint.






Next we used 90-second Araldite® Fusion - just give the nozzle a sharp pull to activate






…and press plunger to apply. It's a one-shot application that gave us easily enough






to secure Sid in position






and applying Araldite® Fusion accurately with the applicator nozzle






we re-attached the fascia using light pressure.










Now Sid is a happy seaside seagull once more.


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