Repairing Metal Steps

Corrosion often weakens the welded joints on steel steps, especially when kept outdoors. Araldite® Repair offers the perfect solution for repairing caravan steps. The long lasting repair putty is waterproof, sets extremely hard, and fills gaps for uneven breaks.




It is important to make sure all surfaces are clean and free from dust. Use a wire brush to remove dust, rust and flaking paint. Ideally take down to bare metal around the corroded area.

Wearing protective gloves, clean the prepared area with turpentine oil to take away any remaining particles and ensure the perfect surface for your repair.



Using Araldite® Repair bar, cut a piece from the bar to the size that you require to complete the repair.





Wearing rubber gloves thoroughly Knead the piece of putty for a few minutes to ensure the components activate, but use within five minutes.





Firmly press the putty into the repair and smooth the material to an approximate finished shape. You need to do this before the adhesive sets hard which will start after 5 minutes.




Before the putty sets hard, within 10 minutes, cut away the excess materials with a knife.





Allow the putty to set completely and then shape with sandpaper to the required finish.





Finally, although the putty is a grey dull metal colour, you should finish the repair by painting the steps with an outdoor metal paint, taking care to cover all exposed bar metal surfaces.




Job completed and steps ready for another season!

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