Creating a stunning picture frame




A plain picture frame which needs more 'personality' to bring out the best of a favourite holiday photograph.







Our picture frame is in need to a 'make-over'.







With Araldite® Crystal and Araldite® Super Glue, some glass beads and matching sequins, here's how to create a unique frame that really works for the picture.





First measure and mark the position for all the beads you want to use.






This makes sure the beads are evenly spaced.





Araldite® Crystal dries glass-clear so is ideal for this job. The eco-pack features a convenient slip-out blister and contains a plastic mixing and application spatula.





Dispense equal amounts of the two parts






and mix thoroughly.






Apply Araldite® Crystal to each bead and apply in turn






With five minutes working time we easily applied ten beads.






We then used Araldite® Super Glue with its precise applicator to apply a tiny amount to the sequins.






And positioned them with the aid of ordinary domestic tweezers






building up an attractive and interesting contrast between the regular spacing of the beads and a more random arrangement of the sequins





giving a beautiful result which really picks up the colour tones of the photograph

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